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Screw wing nut

Screw wing nut | Ball screw nut A ball screw nut is a mechanical piece that converts rotational motion into linear motion with a small amount of friction. The structure of the wing screw consists of a threaded shaft that works by the ball and nut. It should be mentioned that wing screw nuts are used in the industry in two forms, single and single, and each of them is used for different industrial uses.
In the top liner, the following types of ball screw nuts are available:
(Double nut, single nut) To buy and register the order of the double screw nut and to register the order and inquire about the price of the day of the single screw nut, contact the top liner screw sales unit located in Tehran Screw Ball Exchange.
It is very important to increase the accuracy of the ball screw nut to be divided as follows: 1- nut and spacer 2- nut and spring 3- seal with variable screw pitch 4- nut with larger balls
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