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Screw nut support

Screw wing nut support The ball screw support unit is a piece that is used to communicate with the desired piece. The support material of the wing screw nut is designed and made of iron and aluminum. In general, the support of the ball screw is responsible for the maintenance of the ball screw and is considered as one of the side parts of the ball screw. That is, one point at the end of the screw wing and one point at the end of the screw wing.
Ball screw supports are produced and manufactured in certain diameters. A very important point for ball screw support is that you must choose a bearing for the ball screw in which the ball screw nut is completely inserted and fixed. Bearings should be mentioned. It has two flange and block models.
Ball screw support is also made of CNC parts and wing screw accessories. It should be mentioned that in order to buy wing support, you should pay attention to such things as: (diameter of screw wing and step of screw wing and diameter of nut support and also its length.
The support nut is a piece in the bearing and wing screw industry that can be easily fixed to the nut, which will make it easier to install the load on the nut. The nut support usually supports one side of the wing screw permanently and the other side suspended.
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